How did the Right lose ownership of marriage?

Look around the world and you’d be forgiven for thinking marriage equality, gay marriage, equal marriage (whatever you want to call it) is a progressive notion. Calls for reform are often heard from the so-called Left: greens, students, academics and connoisseurs of cold drip coffee served in moody laneways. It’s easy to forget marriage is intrinsicallyContinue reading “How did the Right lose ownership of marriage?”

Did the promise of pudding swing the Victorian election?

THE internet engaged in a collective ‘isn’t he adorable’ a few months back when it transpired actor Benedict Cumberbatch couldn’t say the word “penguins”. You can watch the video here. (The fact Cumberbatch had just lent his voice to a nature documentary about penguins — or “pengwings” — and is currently starring in the PenguinsContinue reading “Did the promise of pudding swing the Victorian election?”

Even Republicans can enjoy the royals

This article first appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald. I HAVE some advice for all those rabid supporters of an Australian republic. The most productive thing you can do when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Australia in April is simple: take off your grumpy pants and get on board. That’s right, you heardContinue reading “Even Republicans can enjoy the royals”

The troublesome truth about politics

This review of Jonathan Green’s The Year My Politics Broke (Melbourne University Publishing) first appeared in The Voice.  As a detailed account of how politicians and politicking has veered off course in Australia over recent years The Year My Politics Broke isn’t an enjoyable read. But then, it isn’t meant to be: the book isContinue reading “The troublesome truth about politics”

Australian politics on Facebook (Ep.1)

Welcome to an alternate universe where doorstops keep doors from slamming, nothing more. Our elected representatives and those in their orbit have taken to Facebook to exchange ideas, debate policy and lob grenades. This — the first post in a new series — covers the period of May 6th – 12th, 2014: Folks, would you like moreContinue reading “Australian politics on Facebook (Ep.1)”

Do me a favour? Ignore Alan Jones.

DO me a favour? Ignore Alan Jones. The radio veteran’s most recent comments suggesting Julia Gillard’s father died of “shame” because of her daughter’s “lies” are foul and reprehensible. The condemnation has been swift and comprehensive, although some are still waiting for Tony Abbott to also voice his personal disgust. Alan Jones will in time apologise,Continue reading “Do me a favour? Ignore Alan Jones.”

PM Julia Gillard’s unspoken ACL speech.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been widely applauded for cancelling an appearance at an Australian Christian Lobby event because its leader controversially claimed a homosexual ”lifestyle” was more dangerous than smoking. But I think this is a missed opportunity. Instead of playing it safe, Ms Gillard could have attended the function and used it toContinue reading “PM Julia Gillard’s unspoken ACL speech.”

Crimes in the home, lessons in the newsroom?

This article and image first appeared on the ABC’s The Drum. Many Victorians were surprised when that state’s latest crime statistics showed a dramatic, 15 per cent increase in domestic violence. Many journalists were not. And the media must shoulder some of the blame for that disconnect. One of the first tasks for a journalistContinue reading “Crimes in the home, lessons in the newsroom?”

Meanwhile in Victoria the old paradigm rules

This article and image first appeared on the ABC’s The Drum. I have a breaking news story. Make sure you’re sitting down. Here it is: governments spin, twist and contort events to suit their party political ends. OK, so it mightn’t be a huge revelation. But what’s interesting is that a senior Labor spin doctor hasContinue reading “Meanwhile in Victoria the old paradigm rules”