How clumsy Hollywood broke the hearts of two Australian schoolgirls

HOLLYWOOD is now actively crushing our children’s hopes and dreams. Too dramatic? Let me explain… A pair of 7 year old Melbourne schoolgirls recently hand wrote a letter to the US producers of their favourite movie. “We really like Rio 2,” they declared, cutely. “We have an idea for Rio 3.” The proposed plot would take place in Egypt, they wrote. “NigelContinue reading “How clumsy Hollywood broke the hearts of two Australian schoolgirls”

Australian politics on Facebook (Ep.1)

Welcome to an alternate universe where doorstops keep doors from slamming, nothing more. Our elected representatives and those in their orbit have taken to Facebook to exchange ideas, debate policy and lob grenades. This — the first post in a new series — covers the period of May 6th – 12th, 2014: Folks, would you like moreContinue reading “Australian politics on Facebook (Ep.1)”

Do me a favour? Ignore Alan Jones.

DO me a favour? Ignore Alan Jones. The radio veteran’s most recent comments suggesting Julia Gillard’s father died of “shame” because of her daughter’s “lies” are foul and reprehensible. The condemnation has been swift and comprehensive, although some are still waiting for Tony Abbott to also voice his personal disgust. Alan Jones will in time apologise,Continue reading “Do me a favour? Ignore Alan Jones.”

No journalist should have to report on their friend’s murder.

JILL Meagher’s death is an unfathomable tragedy. Her family remains in a state of shock and despair. My heart goes out to them. But I want to pay tribute to Jill’s ABC colleagues. My former colleagues. This has undoubtedly been one of the toughest weeks of their lives – both personally and professionally. Journalists dealContinue reading “No journalist should have to report on their friend’s murder.”