Death, dying and the pursuit of control

Victoria’s landmark Voluntary Assisted Dying laws are now in force and, for most Victorians, won’t mean a thing. They will probably never use them or know anybody who does, for the eligibility criteria is so narrow. But for the unlucky few who will eventually exercise their rights under these new laws, they mean an awfulContinue reading “Death, dying and the pursuit of control”

Duncan – Issues vs Distractions

“I’ve got a disability and a low education, that means I’ve spent my whole life working for minimum wage. You’re gonna lift the tax-free threshold for rich people … Rich people don’t even notice their tax-free threshold lift. Why don’t I get it? Why do they get it?” Victorian man Duncan Storrar asked this questionContinue reading “Duncan – Issues vs Distractions”

How did the Right lose ownership of marriage?

Look around the world and you’d be forgiven for thinking marriage equality, gay marriage, equal marriage (whatever you want to call it) is a progressive notion. Calls for reform are often heard from the so-called Left: greens, students, academics and connoisseurs of cold drip coffee served in moody laneways. It’s easy to forget marriage is intrinsicallyContinue reading “How did the Right lose ownership of marriage?”

My Pa ‘bullshitting’ Ray Martin on national TV (1992)

As a celebrated bullshit artist, it’s really no surprise my charismatic grandfather Laurie Sheales ending up on national TV in May 1992 telling Ray Martin one of his tallest tales. My 87 year old and gloriously hirsute Pa was sitting in a pub one night, swilling beer and telling those assembled how he’d been completelyContinue reading “My Pa ‘bullshitting’ Ray Martin on national TV (1992)”

Even Republicans can enjoy the royals

This article first appeared in The Sydney Morning Herald. I HAVE some advice for all those rabid supporters of an Australian republic. The most productive thing you can do when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Australia in April is simple: take off your grumpy pants and get on board. That’s right, you heardContinue reading “Even Republicans can enjoy the royals”

AKA Why I started… There is a serious debate to be had in Australia about asylum seeker policy. Millions of people flee persecution every year, and their passage from danger to safety needs to be regulated. Most people agree with this, even if their views on exactly how  then to manage the issue differ. HenceContinue reading “”

Lamenting “Do Something-ism” in Australian politics

This piece first appeared on Election Watch. “AT LEAST DO SOMETHING!  DO!”  former Hawthorn coach John Kennedy Snr (right) famously urged his players during the 1975 VFL Grand Final. The rousing address was recorded, and now forms part of footy folklore. But the speech might also speak volumes about our approach to national politics. Callers toContinue reading “Lamenting “Do Something-ism” in Australian politics”