Confessions of a ‘sexist’

I emerged from a long meeting yesterday to learn Victorian police had charged St Kilda forward Stephen Milne with rape. My reaction? Rather pathetic. After the initial ‘wow’ moment, I almost immediately engaged in a passionate discussion with two male colleagues about… football. Has Milne been arrested? Bailed? I wondered aloud, but only as aContinue reading “Confessions of a ‘sexist’”

Why we miss the ‘old’ Game of Thrones

I ASSUME we’re all familiar with those trendy tapas restaurants where the food is brought out in annoyingly tiny portions which are consistently too small to ever really satisfy? One bite and the dish is gone, and you’re once more hungrily awaiting for the next (also unfulfilling) culinary instalment. Yes, well in a case ofContinue reading “Why we miss the ‘old’ Game of Thrones”

Journey to belonging

Each year thousands of asylum-seekers try to settle in Australia. Most are fleeing persecution because of their race, religion or lifestyle. They’re looking for something simple yet sometimes elusive: a fresh start. Ryan Sheales reports on their struggles and triumphs. Randomly stop 10 people in the street and ask for their view on asylum-seeker issuesContinue reading “Journey to belonging”

No journalist should have to report on their friend’s murder.

JILL Meagher’s death is an unfathomable tragedy. Her family remains in a state of shock and despair. My heart goes out to them. But I want to pay tribute to Jill’s ABC colleagues. My former colleagues. This has undoubtedly been one of the toughest weeks of their lives – both personally and professionally. Journalists dealContinue reading “No journalist should have to report on their friend’s murder.”

My long lost TV debut, age 11.

My mum recently digitised all our home videos. Gone are all those boxes of VHS tapes — my entire childhood now fits on a single external hard drive. Amid the tedious hours of birthdays and backyard working bees, I found my very first ‘TV appearance’. The year was 1995, I would have been about 11.Continue reading “My long lost TV debut, age 11.”