My long lost TV debut, age 11.

My mum recently digitised all our home videos. Gone are all those boxes of VHS tapes — my entire childhood now fits on a single external hard drive. Amid the tedious hours of birthdays and backyard working bees, I found my very first ‘TV appearance’. The year was 1995, I would have been about 11.Continue reading “My long lost TV debut, age 11.”

Crimes in the home, lessons in the newsroom?

This article and image first appeared on the ABC’s The Drum. Many Victorians were surprised when that state’s latest crime statistics showed a dramatic, 15 per cent increase in domestic violence. Many journalists were not. And the media must shoulder some of the blame for that disconnect. One of the first tasks for a journalistContinue reading “Crimes in the home, lessons in the newsroom?”

Meanwhile in Victoria the old paradigm rules

This article and image first appeared on the ABC’s The Drum. I have a breaking news story. Make sure you’re sitting down. Here it is: governments spin, twist and contort events to suit their party political ends. OK, so it mightn’t be a huge revelation. But what’s interesting is that a senior Labor spin doctor hasContinue reading “Meanwhile in Victoria the old paradigm rules”