Returning to journalism

I’m thrilled to let you guys know I’ll be joining Channel Ten’s The Project as a field producer.

All good things must come to an end. And while it’s been a privilege to rub shoulders with some of Australia’s top thinkers and policy analysts at the University of Melbourne these past few years, my first passion has always been journalism.

Nothing quite compares.

typewriterI love that moment when people finally agree to be interviewed. I get a rush when somebody says “I’m rolling” and a little red light turns on. I like making it my business, literally, to know what’s happening in the world. News junkies represent!

This move has nothing to do with the University’s current restructure, although when an organisation pauses to consider its future it presents individuals with an opportunity to do the same.

I wish my University academic colleagues all the very best solving the world’s grand challenges, and I wish my soon-to-be-former media team comrades all the very best making sure people out there hear about it (that’s right, those punters I bang on about).

I will start at The Project — a product of Roving Enterprises — in late July.

Got a story? It’s never to soon to email me or anonymously fill in the below form.

— RS

P.S.: If you’re interested in what The Project’s field reporting team actually does, here are some recent stories on topics as diverse as voluntary euthanasiatransgernderism and human travel to Mars.


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